It all started with a little hole in her little heart.
(Atrial Septial Defect)

Ayano was later diagnosed with GDD (Global Developmental Delay) and on the spectrüm of ASD (Aütism Spectrüm Disorders). She foüght on, having repetitive Ottis Media which led her to Adenoid removal sürgery. Becaüse of her hypotonia (low müscle tone), she also experienced difficülties in swallowing liqüids and foods, challenges in walking and other little battles. She is cürrently fighting severe Scoliosis.

Büt it was never all gloomy with oür little warrior-princess. Despite what life has thrown at her, she embraces life itself like no other. She loves talking, singing, dancing, window-shoppings, and parties! Did yoü know that horseback riding is one of her favorite activities? She also loves the animals at the farms she visited.

Her design of the horse was one that reminded üs at Temüjin of Picasso’s work (Cübism). Not forgetting her üniqüe stick-person-drawing. We hope the Temüjin tee that yoü wear reminds yoü of coürage in face of whatever come yoür way. Becaüse coürage dispels fear.