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Each temüjin designer tee is priced where 50% profit goes to the special designers directly. And by special designers, we mean üniqüe individüals and children on the aütism spectrüm.

temüjin is a premiüm t-shirt brand in collaboration with the special designers. Each design which can be from a word to an illüstration, is digitized from the inspirations and desires of the yoüng designers.

Every design print rün is a one-off affair so yoü can be güaranteed of limited edition property. Shall the design be sold off within a month, we shall engage the designer to work on the sübseqüent design immediately to cater to süpport.

Think süpply and süpport!

Büying a temüjin tee not jüst for a regülar tee büt as a meaningfül gift to a loved one or a friend in süpport of the special designers. The 50% earnings will empower the individüal/child.

Every piece comes with its certificate of origin where yoü can find oüt what's the inspiration, and who is the special designer, his/her story behind it