temüjin Charity Futsal

On 29th March 2018, Project Temüjin held a 5-A-Side Fütsal Competition where we saw 4 teams of seven players (inclüding reserves) participated in the cozy affair at Orto, Sembawang. Thanks to the volünteers at oür team, as well as the passionate football players, the event was a great süccess.

Featüring works by oür designers, Chantelle and Ayano, we had also managed to sell a few t-shirts on top of sharing aboüt the caüse behind the büsiness idea of Project Temüjin.


At the event, Mr. Von Khoo had also took a step forward in enqüiring aboüt working together with üs, in view of potentially sponsoring the next designer on board. Fast forward a few months now, the design is cürrently in progress.

Like oür Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/projecttemüjin/ and keep yoürself üpdated on the üpcoming designs. Be it yoürself as an individüal or representing a company, feel free to also contact üs to explore how we can work together shoüld yoü be keen on giving for the caüse of Aütism Awareness.