Ayden was admitted to NICU soon after his birth in 2013 for shortness of breath. A dimple and a patch of hair on his bum, which originally seemed adorable to his parents, turned out to be signs of delayed physical development. Three years later, Ayden was diagnosed with autism, and also became a ‘social outcast’ due to his condition. Despite the adversity, Ayden was a very happy baby with the brightest smile, whose friendly nature has melted hearts. Contrary to Ayden’s coyness, he will dance away and show off his moves to the tunes of ‘Baby Shark’ or ‘Gangnam Style’! Thanks to his growing love for lollipops and hot air balloons, Ayden began sketching and the amount of praises received for his artistic talent boosted his confidence tremendously. We hope it makes him happier when people don on the Lollipop tees designed by Ayden!

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